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Outer Peace Tour Poster
Client: Toro Y Moi
Service: Print
Year: 2019

Concept poster for Toro Y Moi’s 2019 ‘Outer Peace’ world tour.

Dimensions: 20x30

R2M Zine
Client: Comfort Zone
Service: Print, Editorial
Year: 2020

Comfort Zone is an LA-based party thrown every 3rd Thursday of the month in Chinatown. In order to celebrate the parties 3-year anniversary, I was tasked to design a photo zine with all of our favorite memories.

    “In a dimly-lit corner of Chintown plaza, you may stumble upon green neon sign with the words ‘General Lees’. If you happen to be there on the third Thursday of the month, the muffled sound of a 909 kick drum will soon emerge. Follow your ears and you will be met with a group of people who’s roots lie firmly in the underground. This is Comfort Zone, a monthly gathering set in the year 2020 in dystopian Los Angeles. To commemorate the 3-year anniversary of Comfort Zone, we’ve put together a photo zine with all of our favorite memories. We’ll be back soon. The show is not over.”

Printed on newsprint stock
A4, 210x 297

Summer 2021 Campaign
Client: Seoul Projects
Service: Wearable, Art Direction
Year: 2021

Photographer: Christian Long

Summer 2021 Lookbook ︎︎︎ Seoul Projects
Wearable, 2021

Zine #01 ︎︎︎ Seoul Projects
Print, 2021

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